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Summer is all about fun, color, and carefree activities. Here’s one great way to chill and get some painting practice – painting colorful watercolor popsicles!

Let’s beat the summer heat with a cool watermelon watercolor painting! In this tutorial, Yasmina shows us how to use basic watercolor techniques to create a vibrant and juicy fruit painting – perfect for a sunny day!

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to warm up our watercolor palettes! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint a dreamy sunset cityscape inspired by a scene from the famous anime “Sailor Moon”.

For this Independence Day special, we’ll show you how to practice basic watercolor techniques as we tackle all the stars, stripes, and folds of an American flag!

Learn how to add a splash of color for any project just from painting an easy watercolor background! In this tutorial, we follow Nicole Picadura and make use of the wet-in-wet technique to create an inspiring quote card.

Ready your watercolor painting materials, friends! Today we’re learning how to use the underpainting technique to paint a vibrant and more expressive apple.

Experimenting is the best way to discover how to use watercolor and its various techniques, and this quick watercolor painting tutorial is perfect for beginners. It finishes off with an easy portrait painting as well!

It’s that time of the year to create gifts that spread cheer! Looking for a quick, cute gift to make for the ones you love? Try these miniature Christmas cards on for size!

Painting a portrait can be overwhelming, so why not start small? In this tutorial, you’ll be focusing on what it takes to create a realistic watercolor eye.

Pick up some tips and tricks on how to tackle a busy scene with artist William “Bill” Dunn as he takes on the many elements of an urban wharf.

Learn how to paint your way through a colorful theme park, adding rides, booths, and everything that captures that exciting buzz. Our award-winning instructor and artist, William “Bill” Dunn, gives several tips to help you along the way.

Get inspired to paint like an award-winner with new painting ideas! In this course, you can learn how to recreate the busy atmosphere of the city landscape of Chinatown.

Here’s a taste of what it’s like to paint part of a realistic human portrait, starting with the lips.
How To Paint Sunset Skies & Silhouettes

How to watercolor paint a colorful sunset sky from memory without breaking a sweat.
How to paint a seascape

Learn how to paint a seascape. Navigate the entire process, starting with just a reference photo, all the way through to completion.