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Generally we do not issue refunds. In special circumstances such as a customer unknowingly registered twice, we consider refunds. We do not issue refunds otherwise.

If you can watch YouTube, you can watch all the videos on Watercolor University. We use HTML5 video players, which means we support nearly every Internet-connected device on the planet, including Apple’s iOS devices and Android devices.

The vast majority of classes require only watercolor paper, paints and brushes. Every class mentions any additional supplies you may need to follow along. Looking for a list of supplies to buy? Check out this free guide for all your basic watercolor painting supplies.

All instructors are hand-picked. They’re accomplished watercolor artists and experienced teachers. Biographies are displayed inside each class.

Yes! If you keep an active membership, you can always sign in when you’re prompted to pay. The sign-in link is at the bottom of the paywall pop-up.

We use streaming technology to deliver videos to your screen, which means you don’t need to download any files which clog up your hard drive. Files are protected so they cannot be downloaded and shared around the Internet.

Let’s talk! Drop us a line at webmaster@watercolorpainting.com