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Maria Diaz

I love exploring different styles and learning from a variety of teachers at Beebly's. Rather than putting all my eggs in ONE basket and following or emulating only one artist, I am now learning from a variety of instructors. I feel I have become a more well-rounded artist thanks to these classes... I will continue trying these tutorials and see if I can beat myself... or maybe even create something better than the original...?

October 22nd, 2014

Pathway To Spring Bouquet

Watercolor Class Preview: Why 300 lb paper is sometimes a better option than 140 lb paper. How to paint close-up flowers. Why certain brushes are more suitable for certain jobs. Why tilting your canvas can create special effects. How to balance a loose look with a more refined look. How to paint a close-up rose from start to finish. What negative painting is and how to practice it. How to make adjustments by lifting paint. How to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to bring back a white area. How to scrape highlights onto leaves. How to avoid overworking your painting. Reference Photo  ...

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by Vinita Pappas

October 25th, 2014

Tulip Bouquet Still Life - Painting a Variety of Textures Including Glass and Blue Glass.

Watercolor Class Preview: How to do a still-life painting How to prevent your wet paper from buckling when it dries How to paint a bouquet of tulip flowers Why painting petals on different flowers one at a time produces better results How to paint close-up glass containers How to plan a painting with lots of different elements How to paint highlights and shadows How to paint an egg How to paint a lemon What colors to use for painting metallic surfaces When to use painter’s tape and masking fluid How to paint leaves How to avoid mixing unnatural green colors...

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by Vinita Pappas

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Gridding to the rescue! Your tools for practicing watercolor painting.

Gridding to the rescue! Gridding will help you get everything straight. Your output won't look like Naive Art unless that's what you want. Gridding will make sure that you get the proportions right. And it will enable you to put everything in the right places. Without squelching your creativity.

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February 29th, 2024

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Discover essential safety tips for watercolor painting in this insightful article. Learn about selecting non-toxic materials, maintaining a safe workspace, and understanding potential hazards associated with certain pigments. Empower your artistic journey with practical guidance for a safe and mindful painting practice.

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