Getting Started

A quick guide to get you started using Beebly's Watercolor Painting Courses.

If you're new to Beebly's Watercolor Painting then this spot if for you.


How do start my first course?

Step 1: Make sure you've signed up first.

Step 2: You'll be automatically logged in, but if you find yourself logged out go ahead and click this icon in the top right of this website.

Step 3: Navigate to Browse Courses to see your library of videos.

Step 4: Select a Category or Tag to filter videos by them. Then select the image or title of a course to view it.

Step 5: If that's the course you'd like to wash, cash in your credits for the month and select "Watch This Course".

Step 6: Select the play icon on the video and follow along in the description if text helps. Enjoy!