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Paul Moran Winter 2009

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Cairo, Egypt

“Watercolour painting is about painting the light. I think the nature of this medium is perfect for capturing an impression of Cairo, or rather how I feel about this city’s amazing landscapes. Looking out of the window on the way to work from Maadi to New Cairo is never uninspiring, but the skies are particularly beautiful in this season; backlit clouds skirting the horizon, soft areas of rose-yellow merging with the low desert hills and skeletal cities. Late afternoon on the way back and huge clouds bustle far away to diffuse the sun, small chinks letting blinding rays escape to disappear into the dusty haze somewhere below.”

—Paul Moran

Paul Moran is currently teaching ICT and Art at the New Cairo British International School in Cairo, Egypt. Visit his website at www.paulmorangallery.com. You can view Paul’s figurative studies and paintings at www.watercolournudes.com.

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