Paint Your Stress Away - Summer Watercolor Contest for All Levels

Paint Your Stress Away Contest is a watercolor painting contest for all levels where the point is not so much to pit artists against each other but to encourage them to find deeper ways to paint their stress away. All welcome to enter regardless of experience and ability. More details to come.

This beginner watercolor painting competition is for everyone!

This is your invitation to join the Paint Your Stress Away Contest happening all through August at Beebly's Watercolor painting. 

This contest is not about perfection and everyone is welcome to join. 

Here is one more reason to paint your stress away with watercolors. 

Today we challenge you to create a few new paintings this August and send them over to us. 

This contest is a reminder of the great benefits watercolor painting has on your mental health... and it is a fun way to show off your artistic skills. We promise not to judge anyone harshly!  There's no entry fee and all skill levels are welcome.


Join us for some watercolor painting, it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and even boost your mood. 


Send an email to Mari and attach your paintings to enter the contest. 


I can't wait to see your beautiful watercolor paintings!





Beebly’s Artist in Residence 

PS. More details to come! The draw will take place in September and there will be real prizes! 


by Mari (Agnieszka)

July 28th, 2023