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25 Step-By-Step Watercolor Painting Ideas You Must See

Painting ideas surround us. Look closely and you can find watercolor ideas wherever there’s beauty. But sometimes we all can use some inspiration, so this section is filled with all sorts of watercolor painting ideas. You’ll find easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners and harder ideas for experts. Try applying the watercolor techniques you’ve learned and don’t forget to have fun!

Some rather gaudy purple irises serve as willing subjects for working wet-in-wet and glazing for bright and colorful results. Materials used: Brushes 1 1/2″ (381mm) Flat Winsor & Newton Series 965 1″ Grumbacher …
Finished painting

In around 4 hours, you will create a beautiful watercolor showing an idyllic beach in the Mediterranean, where families are relaxing together in the summer sunshine. In between washes you may use a …