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Beginner Techniques

Join Jay Lee in this simple but fun watercolor painting activity that features bubbles and experimenting with easy painting ideas! This is a great tutorial for watercolor beginners of all different ages, especially kids.

Prepare to have your mind blown because in this tutorial, we’re creating a fun, textured watercolor background just by using a spray bottle and the power of gravity.

Hope you’re in the mood to pick up some new watercolor techniques because today we’ll be adding new tips to your arsenal! Following these essential do’s and don’ts of watercolor can bring your watercolor painting skills to the next level.

Experimenting is the best way to discover how to use watercolor and its various techniques, and this quick watercolor painting tutorial is perfect for beginners. It finishes off with an easy portrait painting as well!

Thinking about adding a bit of fun to your watercolor paintings? Experiment with these unique-looking watercolor textures to add that extra bit of sparkle to your next masterpiece! You’d be surprised at what you can create with common household products.

Watercolor calligraphy looks intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple and fun! Improve your hand lettering skills with these quick and easy beginner techniques brought to you by Jetpens.

Let’s create an easy watercolor flower with a beginner technique cooked up by Jay Lee! In this tutorial, we’ll be using an ordinary household accessory as a painting tool for a quick exercise with great results.

Explore the wonderful world of color with artist Isabella Kung! You’ll learn about color theory, the color wheel, and how to use color to its greatest advantage in the form of color schemes.

Get a quick crash course on the basics of still-life design and composition, taught by award-winning artist Steve Curl.

Equip yourself with these 13 easy watercolor tips and tricks, and master the basics along with artist Isabella Kung! Alcohol and salt textures included inside.

Want to learn how to paint the perfect watercolor landscape? This crash course on landscape composition and design helps build a solid practice of getting the initial look right for any landscape painting.

Learn the basics of watercolor as artist Steve Curl introduces the essential tools used in watercolor painting, then shows how to practice and build a solid skill foundation with these tools.

Go back to basics and strengthen your core skills. Practice these watercolor techniques so it becomes effortless.

Your fan brush is more versatile than you’d think! Here are 4 clever watercolor techniques using your regular ol’ fan brush.
Glazed color reference grid

This is your cheat sheet for mixing colors accurately.