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Intermediate Techniques


How to paint photo-realistic snowy trees & bushes without tripping over yourself.
Using Alcohol To Create Interesting Textures In Watercolor Paintings

Use alcohol as a watercolor technique for painting interesting textures.

White fur is usually notoriously difficult to paint. Here’s a clever watercolor technique by Yong Chen using dry scratching & negative painting concepts.
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Embellish your written words through the clever use of watercolor and calligraphy. This watercolor technique shared by Linsey Bugbee is a step-by-step crash course on watercolor calligraphy for beginners.
Creating a watercolor card using the salt technique

Learn how to add a unique effect to watercolor using a common condiment by following Jennifer McGuire in her card-making tutorial.
Wet-In-Wet Watercolor Technique

Everything you need to know about this watercolor technique for applying paint or water to wet watercolor paper.
Back wash as texture

Here’s a watercolor technique for painting interesting textures by dropping clean water onto your painting as paint dries.

Flinging paint may be the most fun watercolor technique. Here’s how to do it in a controlled (or uncontrolled) manner.
Scrafitto & Stamped Effect

How to use scratching, scraping & stamping as watercolor techniques for achieving specific looks.

An introduction to a watercolor technique using salt to create special effects and textures in paintings.