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Watercolor Techniques for Realistic Snowy Trees & Bushes

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Step 8: Background Forest


Using the same technique and colors you used for the branches in the previous painting, paint in the evergreen trees in the background. Be careful while painting around the snow on the bush – make sure to switch to the size 4 brush whenever you’re painting more detailed areas. You can “feather” the edges where the background trees meet the bush; that is, to gently brush lines spreading out from the original line. This adds a more leafy effect to the foliage. Keep painting the negative space around the bush and snow, occasionally cutting in to the bush to break up any symmetry that begins to form. You can also make any compositional changes to the reference picture. This means making a conscious decision to add in, leave out, or change anything in the picture to help improve the aesthetics of the painting, and to shift the painting’s focus to what you want it to focus on.