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Easy Watercolor Landscape: Painting A Vineyard In Napa Valley

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Step 7: Painting Furrowed Dirt In A Watercolor Landscape


Moving on, it’s time to focus on the lower third of the painting. Switch to the no. 12 rigger brush and mix a reddish brown using Burnt Sienna, Netural Tint, Yellow Ochre, and Quinacridone Gold. Then, paint the furrows in the watercolor landscape using the wet-on-dry technique, serving as the dirt’s color. Remember to follow the perspective lines you sketched as you apply these rows of dirt. You can also paint over the support poles and roses, as they can be painted on top later. In addition, don’t forget to leave some white between each furrow to get the appropriate effect!

Streak in some pure Burnt Sienna to warm up and stimulate the previous tones using the wet-in-wet technique. Then, go back to the Peacock Blue to add variety and shadows to the furrows and underneath the grapevines. Follow up with Cobalt Violet Light again, but be subtle, leaving room for more possibilities. Touch up any similar-colored areas that need it, like the ground area in the upper band, and don’t be afraid to be bold and add more color, even if the reference picture says otherwise.