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Classic Watercolor Figure Painting Featuring President Teddy Roosevelt

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Step 5: Adding Wrinkles And A Turning Edge To A Figure Painting


While the face and hat dry, start working on the denser shadows within his uniform. Add more Cobalt Blue Hue to the previous shadow mixture, then paint the shadow shapes around his jacket pockets, buttons, the edges of his jacket, and under the epaulettes. Deepen the creases and wrinkles as well, and color in the belt straps, leaving the buckle unpainted for now. Mix in more blue to cool down the shadow color, and use this color to help define some of the edges. Remember to soften the edges of any shadows to help create a “turning edge“, which is a technique to make objects appear round. You can do this by using a clean damp brush to brush over the edge of the shadow, which helps create a gradated effect for the turning edge.

When working on the belt, use the same technique to create that rounded effect, and don’t be afraid to merge dark shadows together, such as tying Teddy’s hand to his belt and riding crop. You can darken the shadows even more with more Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue Yellow Shade, and Permanent Alizarin Crimson, keeping the smooth transition to fade the dark into the lighter colors on the belt.