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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 5: Mixing And Painting Skin Tones


To paint the people, use Jaune Brilliant No. 1 as a base skin tone color, mixing in a different shade for different ethnicities. For example, Bill touches in Pyrrole Red for a pinker Caucasian tone for the man sitting in the painting’s focal point. He then adds Yellow Ochre for a more tanned skin tone for the lady sitting next to the first man, and to another man standing on the far left. Through diluting mixtures for lighter skin tones, and adding colors like Burnt Sienna for darker ones, you can play with a variety of tones and use them to paint the rest of the people in your watercolor beach scene. Try not to mix a color that’s too similar to the sand though, and test your colors on a piece of scrap paper before using!

For those closest to the foreground, you can add shadows onto the body using darker skin tones, especially for the focal area. Remember that the light source is coming from the top right corner, so shadows should go on the bottom left sides.