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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 4: Colorful Umbrellas In A Watercolor Beach Scene


As the sand section should be dry now, use more Buff Titanium for more “wet-on-dry” footprints, and to touch up any areas that look too uniform. Don’t overdo this though, as the sand isn’t the focus of this watercolor beach scene.

Next up are the umbrellas. For the largest umbrella, use Brilliant Orange for its base layer, leaving spots of white for highlights. Then, drop in Pyrrole Red wet-in-wet, with some of the orange showing through on the right side of the umbrella. This helps to indicate where the light source is coming from, which is the top right side.

While you could use whatever colors you want for the umbrellas, Bill suggests thinking ahead on which colors would look best for your watercolor beach scene. With that in mind, he goes on to use Prussian Blue for the umbrella to the left, painting an alternating pattern on it for variation. He then uses Lemon Yellow for the umbrella to the right of the red one, also in an alternating pattern. Next is Leaf Green for the one to the left of the blue umbrella.

For shadows to suggest the interior of the front two umbrellas, use Carbazole Violet for the red one, and a mixture of Indigo and Prussian for the blue one. Throughout the process, try not to touch any of the wet paint, and come back later to paint any white sections that were left.