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Abstract Nebula In The Galaxy

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Step Nine


Use the size 2 brush for any finishing touches on your painting, and when you’re satisfied with the results, let the whole painting dry. To add stars to your galaxy, move your painting so it lies flat on the table, then take Titanium Opaque White paint with the size 4 brush, making sure not to add too much water so the white paint remains opaque when you use it. Holding the brush parallel to your paper, lightly tap your paintbrush against the chopstick so that tiny white flecks of paint fall onto your painting. Keep picking up more paint and tapping your paintbrush until you feel there are enough stars. You can also add some “manually” by using the size 0 brush and dotting the white paint on. When you’re done, let the paint dry, then carefully remove the masking tape. Here’s a video of the entire painting from start-to-finish: