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Splattering Watercolor To Paint A Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree

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Step Two


Pick up some of the dark pink mix with the size 10 brush so it’s quite saturated (but not enough to cause unwanted drips), and hold the brush parallel to your paper before lightly tapping your paintbrush against the wooden stick so that specks of paint fall onto your painting. It’s best to hold the stick perpendicular to your brush so you can see where the paint is landing, and when you can, rest the tip of the stick in areas where your paper isn’t wet. It’s also good to practice on a piece of scrap paper or newspaper beforehand until you have a good idea of how and where the paint will land. You should eventually be able to judge how wet your brush should be, how hard you should tap your brush, and know how the distance between your brush and the paper will affect the paint splatter.

When you’re confident with your splatter technique, you can start creating the shape of the cherry tree’s foliage. You’re working from dark to light, so focus on the bottom areas of the tree.