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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 7: Atmospheric Perspective And Painting Around A Vanishing Point


Return to the dark brown mixture and add a touch of Permanent Mauve, working quickly in this next section to get the wet-on-wet effect. To start, paint in the far back of the road under the vanishing point, then streak downwards under the vehicles to the left. Touch in some Neutral Tint as you near the bottom area of the perspective painting, and continue to vary the colors. Drop in colors like Cobalt Violet Light or Blue Hue while the paint is still wet, building up these layers as you go.

For the trees in the far distance, atmospheric perspective should be considered when mixing your greens. This means choosing a lighter, bluish color to make them look more distant. You can dilute Sap Green, French Ultramarine, and some brown to paint a cluster of trees above the vanishing point. For the trees’ shadow, mix Olive Green and a touch of French Ultramarine and Neutral Tint. Drop this color lightly at the base of the tree area. If the paint starts to bead, wipe your brush to create a “thirsty brush“, then touch the puddle to soak up the excess.