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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 12: Adding Life To A Busy Street


Leave the lines to dry, and use the no. 12 Escoda brush and the dark purple mix to darken the area around the vanishing point. Mix Indigo with Olive Green to touch up details and add more contrast to the shadows.

Switch to the no. 10 rigger brush, and add more vehicles to give the scene more of a city feel. While Bill uses Cadmium Red Purple for his first car, you can choose the colors yourself as long as it enhances the rest of your perspective painting. He also recommends starting with objects in the front and building towards the back to make sure you won’t run out of space for the more crucial foreground elements.

For the signs among the buildings, mix a saturated Cobalt Blue Hue and a touch of Permanent Mauve. To ensure these signs will show, put all the paint at the tip of your brush so it comes off opaque enough to see clearly. Don’t paint too many signs though, and make sure the surface is dry before painting so the paint doesn’t bleed. Place the signs randomly, and switch to different colors while you paint, such as using Lemon Yellow, Permanent Carmine, or mixing in Cobalt Violet Light.

Add a dark purple windshield for the bus, leaving some reflective lines for a shiny effect, then reapply black to touch up the wheels.