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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 10: Painting A Bus And Glazing Buildings


Switch to the no. 12 round brush, and mix Permanent Mauve and Cadmium Yellow Deep for a dark brown color. Use this to fill in the bus to the left of the road while painting around the windshield and roof. With Ivory Black, drop it in along the top front of the bus, then paint the wheels in perspective (i.e. the front one should be bigger). All vehicles will also have a shadow under them, so dilute the Ivory Black, and paint the bus’ shadow.

Next, apply Burnt Umber along the sidewalk where the buildings meet the ground to give some life to this area. Add pure Cadmium Red Purple to this area too for a more vibrant feeling.

Darken the right-side buildings with Neutral Tint mixed with a touch of Permanent Mauve and French Ultramarine. This is important to make the buildings look like they’re in shadow. In addition, due to the position of the light source in this cityscape, you’ll need to darken all the surfaces facing left even more. To do this, dilute the previous mixture before painting “glazing” these surfaces with a light wash. This technique helps add another layer of paint while allowing the underlying layer to show through. It works especially well if you leave some highlighted areas alone, like building edges and corners.

With the Neef no. 8 brush, dilute some Neutral Tint and paint more windows. Drop in saturated Neutral Tint or Indigo to the windows’ edges to add more contrast and dimension to your painting, especially when placed next to a light shape. In addition, remember to paint with purpose! Even when you’re painting loosely, a confident painter will have a painting that looks intentional, even if he or she makes a mistake.