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Painting The Night: A Night-Time Cityscape Of Tokyo

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Step 4: Painting Buildings In Perspective


While you leave the sky to dry, work on a different area, such as the buildings.

Adding Neutral Tint to your purple mix, use the no. 10 rigger brush to paint the rightmost building while creating architectural details by painting around them via negative space. Remember to stick to the rules of 1-point perspective! Paint around the outlines of windows and balconies, capturing the impression of a building in this night-time cityscape.

Repeat the same process with the next building over, mixing purple with more Permanent Carmine and Mauve. Let some of the base layer’s undertones show through for a neon glow, and while your paint is still wet, drop in darker colors for soft shadows. Add Burnt Sienna to your purple mixture, and paint the next building in this dark orange color. Streak your paint in vertically, and angle horizontal lines toward the vanishing point to keep them in perspective.