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Meringues Painting Study: A Delicious Tutorial feat. Wayne Thiebaud

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Step 5: Plate Shadows And Bright Details


Go back to Cobalt Blue, and add details on the leftmost pie in the middle row. Add more Pyrrole Red as well for the transition of the cast shadow going from plate to table. As this is a painting study, it should be easier to follow and sense where each color should go, as there’s no need to think up of your own colors.

When using the blues and reds, you might notice that these colors may bleed and make purple in some sections. This is fine; you’ll learn that the right effect can be achieved this way, even if it may not be exactly like Thiebaud’s painting. This wet-in-wet technique can also be used in the plate shadows, such as painting a rim of blue, then dropping red in some areas to get a dark purple.

Continue with more details, using Brilliant Orange or a saturated Gamboge to layer on areas that need a stronger orange or yellow. Use pure Leaf Green to brighten your painting, and add more Brilliant Pink on the table using the wet-on-dry technique for a stronger color. Keep stepping back to compare your overall painting to the reference picture, then adding or fixing anything that doesn’t look right. By doing so, you’ll notice that you can learn a lot from simply observing and copying Thiebaud’s masterpiece.