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Introduction To Abstract Painting Techniques & Ideas For Beginners

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Step 7: Mixing Complementary Colors For A Neutral Tone


With your pencil, add in some contour lines to the garlic shape for some extra depth. For its color, you can mix a new one by blending your old paint: when two complementary colors come together, they neutralize and create a grayish tone. So create this gray tone by mixing your orange with your blue, adding more orange for a warmer tone or blue for a cooler one, then paint in the garlic shape. Be mindful of the edges of the spout and the fuzzy texture you just painted to avoid bleeding colors. Continue using this gray paint to fill in the bottom of the garlic, the tube inside the bottle, the screw in the scissor blades, and to add extra lines to the reflective cylindrical edges of the pump. Add more Peacock and Cobalt Blue Hue to your gray paint for a cooler tone, and paint the peeling skin above the garlic. You can use the same color for the darker shadows within the garlic shape, which will add a little more depth and variety.