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How To Paint An Ultra-Realistic Pair of Human Lips

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Step 6: Defining Wrinkle Lines


As the paper dries, you can start defining wrinkle lines and shadows using the size 2 round brush. Alternate between Opera, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep, and Alizarin Crimson to paint the wrinkles, especially on the lower lip. The lines should follow the curve of the lips to add volume (think of them as parentheses; the opening one on the left side and the closing one on the right). Avoid making all the wrinkles the same; paint some longer lines, some shorter lines, and use different colors while working from dark to light. The top lip should also be darker than the bottom lip, because light hits the bottom lip first as it sticks out more. Darken all the shadows until you’re satisfied with the contrast and depth of the painting.