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Painting The Fancy Fairmont Hotel: A Watercolor Building Tutorial

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Step 13: Lettering And Filling In The Gaps


To bring back the lettering on the awning, squeeze out some Permanent White gouache paint onto another plate or palette. With a no. 2 round brush, write “Fairmont” on the awning’s side and front via the wet-on-dry technique. Find any edges that have been lost among the different greens as well using this opaque paint.

With the white, add other highlights as well, such as headlights and on car roofs, and to paint the reflective shine in the windows. At any point, you can also use the appropriate colors to fill in any empty gaps in your painting. Next, change to Ivory Black, and paint the shadows inside the vehicles and on the limo driver.

Switch to a no. 4 round brush, then paint around the tiny people using the same black. For a quick skin tone, dilute some Yellow Ochre. You can paint their clothes in any color you want, but be careful not to touch the surrounding wet paint, or the colors will bleed into each other. Try not to make their clothes too dark either, else they won’t stand out against the background.

Fill in more gaps in the foliage to the right, then paint the pavement below with a diluted black. Paint the road between the cars, and add road markings in a darker gray tone.