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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 9: Vague Crowd And Fluffy Clouds


Moving on, take out the no. 20 Escoda round brush as you’ll be covering the large background area. Soften the paintbrush with water, then mix Neutral Tint with all the colors already on your palette. You can even add some of the purple/pink mix for a warmer gray tone. Use this gray tone to paint the silhouette of the crowd behind the horse and his jockey. As your painting is about the Secretariat, this crowd should be more ambient than have any real details.

For the sky, it’s possible to leave it white, but Bill determines it will look better with color. You’ll use the wet-on-wet technique again, so like before, wet the sky area with pure water first. You don’t want your sky to compete with the watercolor horse and human duo, so a simple blue sky will be best. Streak in diluted Peacock Blue, and touch in some Cobalt Blue Hue for variety. If it gets too streaky, scrub a wet brush over it to move the pigment around.

While the paint is still wet, you can lift out any mistakes with a rag or paper towel if necessary. When you’re done, wait for your painting to dry before moving to paint the speed lines for the duo. Again, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.