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Famous Painting Study #3: Diebenkorn’s Abstract Cityscape

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Step 9: Adding Depth And Contrast


Use Cerulean to darken the area between the two pink buildings on the left, then use a light wash of Neutral Tint to do the same to a few of the other shapes as needed. This will help add more depth and contrast to the overall abstract cityscape painting.

Touch in a very diluted Ivory Black over the middle strip of road across the fields for a light gray, then add Cobalt and Turquoise Blue on top so the colors mix directly on paper. Add more of your teal mix for some of the black areas, then use more Cobalt Blue for color harmony.

Switch up to a saturated Lemon Yellow, and add yellow spots in the middle and bottom right areas. For the white/blue areas in the lower right quadrant, use diluted Cerulean again to tie it in with the other “white” areas. Leave your painting to dry afterwards, to prepare for some wet-in-dry painting later.