Watercolor Techniques for Painting a Loose Cityscape from a Photo

This video is a comprehensive guide to watercolor painting, featuring master watercolor painter William (Bill) Dunn. Bill shares his knowledge and expertise in the art form, taking the viewer through his creative process and demonstrating how to approach a scene, in this case, Chinatown, San Francisco. The video covers the materials used and why they are arranged by warm, cool, and earth colors. Bill also explains his approach to painting, including why he tilts his easel, why he doesn't paint realistically, and how he thinks about composition. The artist emphasizes the importance of controlling water and moisture, and provides tips on how to mix colors, use light and dark colors, use neutral tint, and deal with the drying process. The video highlights the importance of perspective and capturing the essence of the scene, and shares tips for using opaque watercolor and adding special effects. This video is perfect for aspiring artists who want to learn more about watercolor painting and how to create beautiful, vibrant, and expressive pieces.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to use "perspective" to sketch realistic buildings and streets. How to paint clusters of buildings without looking like boring boxes. How to mix colors and paint building details of different sizes and angles. How to paint vehicles and their features such as headlights, tail lights, and tires. How to paint an active sky before sunset. Using artists’ tape to modify specific sections without jeopardizing your work. Paints On The Palette (Various Brands) Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Orange Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Light Lavender Deep Purple Deep deep Purple (Mineral Violet) Olive Green Chromium of Oxide Viridian Cobalt Green Leaf Green Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Indigo Neutral Tint Ivory Black Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre Quinacridone Gold Watercolor Paper:  Arches 140-pound coldpress watercolor paper   Brushes: Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (20) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (12) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (8) Neef long brush set (Australia) Rafael mop brush (#8) Standard flat brush Da Vinci Spin-Synthetic brush (size 4) Miscellaneous: Mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead for sketching and tracing Original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Artists' Tape 2 containers of clean water Auxiliary tray for mixing additional colors...

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William Dunn
William Dunn


5.00 Instructor rating