Inside Pikes Market

Join artist Vinita Pappas as she brings Seattle's Pike's Market to life in a stunning watercolor painting. Using a quarter sheet of rough watercolor paper, Vinita starts with a dry paper and carefully applies her first wash to establish major color areas and whites. With a mix of warm and cool colors, including yellow ochre, cadmium red, French ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, and permanent ozone crimson, Vinita paints with a focus on the light and reflection in the scene, creating a story through her brushstrokes. With expert attention to detail, Vinita carefully balances accuracy with the major concepts of the painting, creating a final product that is both beautiful and captivating. Watch and learn as Vinita takes you through each step of the painting process, from the first wash to the final touches, creating a masterpiece you won't want to miss.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to paint a sunlit indoor scene. What you're trying to achieve with your initial wash. How to use paper towels to create highlights. How to make decisions that reinforce your painting's core story. How to paint neon lights. How to paint sunlight indoors. How to paint people. How to pick colors for a shadowy scene. Reference Photo    Initial Sketch   Final Painting       What does yours look like? Send it to us via a message on our Facebook page so we can admire your work and if we have your permission, we can also share it on the page and our website:  

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Vinita Pappas
Vinita Pappas


5.00 Instructor rating