Boats In Harbor

Join artist Vinita Pappas as she takes you through the process of creating a beautiful, complex painting. This half-sheet size painting is done on Saunders cold-pressed paper and is a multi-step process. Starting with a neutral sky color, made up of cobalt turquoise, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, French ultramarine raw, umber, cadmium red, and Elizabeth crimson, Vinita shows you how to mix colors to create depth and interest in the sky area. As she moves down to the boats, she demonstrates how to paint around white areas to create highlights and transitions to different colors to create depth in the water. Sit back and enjoy the process as Vinita takes you through the steps to create this stunning painting. Whether you're an experienced painter or just starting out, this video is sure to provide you with valuable tips and inspiration for your own creative journey.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to paint an overcast sky. How to paint water. When to let paint dry before continuing. How to paint buildings. How to separate foreground from background. Why you want to keep backgrounds simple. How to paint mist. How to paint boats. Why you want to plan your steps before starting. How to paint reflections in the water. How to create depth and dimension painting details. Reference Photo        Final Painting           What does yours look like? Send it to us via a message on our Facebook page so we can admire your work and if we have your permission, we can also share it on the page and our website:  

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Vinita Pappas
Vinita Pappas


5.00 Instructor rating