Boston Terrier Dog Portrait

Do you want to learn how to paint the cutest little Boston terrier? When you follow this tutorial step by step, with some practice, you will end up with a beautiful, wall-ready painting. Vanda Lavar is an award-winning artist who is here to share all of the techniques she used to create this painting. She starts by creating a sketch and explains how having the sketch ready ahead of time can make the painting process more enjoyable. She then uses masking fluid to preserve the bright whites in the fur and starts to lay in color with a dagger brush. She explains how you can layer color to create a soft, natural fur effect in the painting. Vanda emphasizes the importance of creating lifelike fur by adding variations to the stroke. This video is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to paint dog portraits in watercolor and is an excellent resource for artists looking to challenge themselves to paint something more technically advanced.
Watercolor Class Preview: Lavar gives a live lesson to a live audience, complete with questions from the audience How to paint a realistic dog portrait Why sketching and tracing paper is your safety net if your entire painting falls apart How to create highlights with liquid frisket (also called masking fluid) without ruining expensive brushes How your painting process affects balance Why it's useful to compare the process of painting to the process of building a house How to paint realistic animal fur How to layer your painting for realistic results How to lift paint How to paint delicate areas Why turning your paper helps you paint How to paint hair Paints On The Palette (Brand: Grumbacher): Rose Madder Sepia Charcoal Gray Orange Burnt Ombre Paper: Nielsen Bainbridge Hot Press 1000 Illustration Board Brushes: Any medium-sized cheap round brush for applying liquid frisket (also called masking fluid) 1/4" Langnickel Royal Knight Striper dagger 1/8" Deer foot stipler #2 Isabey Grafix Incredible Nib 3/8" Granier Princeton Art Brush Co #8 mop Miscellaneous: Incredible white mask liquid frisket Reference Photo   Initial Sketch     Final Painting         What does yours look like? Send it to us via a message...

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Vanda Lavar
Vanda Lavar


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