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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 6: Layering And Painting A Pendulum Ride


Apply Cobalt Green for more foliage under the mountain range on the far left, then use French Ultramarine to darken a few buildings. Mix the Ultramarine with Burnt Umber, and add an extra layer to the roller coaster’s tracks. Go back to the the turquoise mixture to add more filler to the right side of the painting, and use Lemon Yellow to brighten any green areas that need lightening.

Change it up by adding Olive Green to the yellow, then apply this to the buildings below the roller coaster. Remember that you’re trying to paint the feeling of a lively and colorful theme park, so don’t be afraid to use strong colors like Permanent Alizarin Crimson. Try not to oversaturate your painting or get too dark though.

For the pendulum ride towards the left side, switch to the no. 8 round brush, and use Lemon Yellow for the swinging pole. Add Viridian for the pivot point, and Brilliant Orange for the supporting pillar. You can also use the small brush to paint other scattered details to touch up the booths and buildings.

Feel free to use your instincts to touch up any areas that need it, such as adding Burnt Sienna to the turquoise mix to fill in some background spaces. And like before, keep moving around to paint different sections, using brighter colors to emphasize this colorful theme park.

Use Neutral Tint to fill in the last bits of white under the rides and booths, and to paint the pillars holding up the boardwalk. Next, add the Neutral Tint to the turquoise mixture, and paint some shadows on top and underneath the boardwalk.