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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 5: Adding The Ingredients Needed To Make A Colorful Theme Park


Moving on, use Lemon Yellow for the tip of the carousel’s triangular roof. Then, use a bright French Ultramarine to paint the stripes on the rooftop. The posts underneath will be painted using the previous turquoise mix.

For the smaller booths peppering the ground level, change to the Escoda round brush (no. 12), and use any bright colors you want. These splashes of color will help make a colorful theme park while breaking up any rigidness that may form. As an example, Bill uses a mixture of Permanent Mauve, Cobalt Violet Light, and Permanent Carmine to paint several booths. You can do this as well – instead of changing colors after each booth, use one color to paint a few of the booths in random places before changing colors. Use the wet-on-dry technique to get clean shapes for these booths, and feel free to test out your colors in the strip of paper you taped off in step 1.

Vary the shapes, sizes, and colors of your booths, and keep to the idea of placing warm colors next to cool colors for more contrast. Use duller colors for the booths further away, and more saturated colors for the booths at the front to create the illusion of depth.

Be a little more careful when painting these booths, as you don’t want the colors to bleed into one another. You can layer in more colors once the paint is dry, so while you’re waiting, use Olive Green to paint the ground, and the turquoise mixture for the boardwalk. Add Burnt Umber in a few places as well to get more of a dirt color.