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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 6: Fleshing Out Some Painting Ideas With Details And Layers

City landscape building details

Prep Payne’s Gray and Indigo to add as a darker layer for the shadows on the buildings that face the street, and also for any window or sign details. A touch of Cobalt Green can be used to paint the awnings on the storefront of the rightmost building, while a Neutral Tint and Burnt Sienna mixture can be used for rooftop lines, window frames, and other details to the closest right-side building. Remember to keep your brushstrokes loose for that impressionistic feel!

Add Prussian Blue and Cobalt Green to the brown-gray mix, then use this dark blue color for the windows on the left side. Vary your lines and stripes for a larger variety of windows and details, remembering to follow the rules of tunneled perspective in you’re painting the side of a building as opposed to its front. If your colors bleed here, it means your paper is still too damp, so make sure the previous layer is mostly dry before attempting to paint these details.