Course highlight: A meditative watercolor experience

Discover the meditative power of watercolor painting with Vinita Pappas' tutorial using yupo paper. Watch as she guides you through her unique technique of creating a beautiful, freeform background with fuchsia flowers, allowing you to unleash your creativity and leave the chaos behind.

When is the last time you looked through the Watercolor Painting vault on our website? 

If you have only taken a cursory look, you might be missing out on some beautiful pieces (tutorials). The teacher Vinita Pappas is one of the most overlooked teachers on our website. She is a gem! Just take a look at the beautiful painting below.

This is the tutorial painting for one of the 80 tutorials in the Watercolor Painting vaults.

Here is a link to this beautiful flower painting course:

Vinita Pappas demonstrates the meditative power of watercolor painting through her unique technique using yupo paper.

With a light pencil sketch to guide the placement of the flowers and a stippling brush to blend out the color and create soft edges, Vinita creates a beautiful, freeform background that allows the vibrant fuchsia flowers to pop. Diving into the most intense, contrasting colors, including opera rose, cadmium red, cobalt turquoise, and cobalt blue, Vinita creates a subtle variety of hues that add depth and interest to the painting.

She uses a unique broom brush from a hardware store to create a smooth and blurry background adds another layer of complexity to the painting. The result is a beautiful and unique piece of art that can be a joy to create... if you let it.


by Mari (Agnieszka)

August 14th, 2023