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How Beginners Can Compose & Paint A “Non-Boring” Still-Life

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Step 11: Wet-In-Wet Background Wash


Clean your palette and size 10 brush, then paint a clear wash over the background area behind the objects. Be careful when wetting the area near to the wine glass; be sure to leave a sliver of a gap around the glass to emulate the reflective properties that glass has around its edges. While the paper is wet, use the wet-in-wet technique and drop in a mixture of Cobalt, Cerulean, and Peacock Blue, keeping your brushstrokes as organic (i.e. not uniform) as possible while making sure not to get too close to the wine glass’ edge. You can add a touch of Alizarin Crimson into the background for color harmony and tie the whole painting together. Leave the painting to dry before moving on to the last step.