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How Beginners Can Compose & Paint A “Non-Boring” Still-Life

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Step 9: Bringing Out The Curved Effect


Switch to the size 4 brush, and after cleaning it, mix Mineral Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Payne’s Grey, and a touch of Burnt Sienna to get a very dark purple. Use this color to paint thin lines along the rim of the glass, breaking the line where light is reflected. Add Sap Green for lines that refract the lemon’s color, then soften these lines a little with clean water. Repeat this process at the top of the stem and the edge of the base, mixing in the Sap Green or lemon color when needed. This adds the illusion of shiny glass due to the high contrast in tones, while also breaking up any uniformity in your brushstrokes and colors.