Watercolor Techniques For Copying A Famous Abstract Oil Painting

Looking to improve your watercolor skills? Join William Dunn's tutorial on painting a watercolor copy of Richard Diebenkorn's original figurative piece. Bill takes you through his process step-by-step, from analyzing the original artwork to selecting the right paper and paint colors. With his expert guidance, you'll learn how to manipulate color like Diebenkorn and achieve an interesting composition using angular, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Bill's video will help you take your watercolor skills to the next level.
Preview Of Class On Copying An Abstract Oil Painting Using Watercolor: How sketch for an abstract painting. How to approach a painting that relies heavily on cool colors. The importance of color in abstract art. Watercolor techniques for copying an oil painting How to add perspective from angle How to manipulate colors to give your painting more emotion. How to paint create a figure with multiple colors. How to use bright colors without making them look light. Paints: Holbein Artists’ Watercolors Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Orange Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Light Lavender Deep Purple Deep deep Purple (Mineral Violet) Olive Green Chromium of Oxide Viridian Cobalt Green Leaf Green Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Indigo Neutral Tint Ivory Black Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre Quinacridone Gold Pink Watercolor Paper: 140-pound Arches rough watercolor paper (12x16) Brushes: Escoda Synthetic Brush (size 20) Snap Brush Need round Brush (size 10) Need round Brush (size 8) Rigger Brush Flat Brush Regular Toothbrush Miscellaneous: A towel, rag, or tray to rest brushes on 2 or 3 inch craft gum tape (2 inch commonly sold in most art stores) Graph Gear 1000 mechanical pencil w/ 0.9 lead (for sketching/tracing) White artist’s tape (used...

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William Dunn
William Dunn


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