What Should I Paint? Why Not Fix Bad Scenery?

William Dunn shares his expertise in transforming a boring photograph of a boatyard into a beautiful watercolor painting. Watch as William guides you through the process of selecting the right elements to include and what to omit. William uses the photograph as a guide, but to focus on creating a nice painting rather than reproducing the picture. He uses his experience in creating effective compositions to help us create a pleasant piece from a bad photo. You'll learn how to sketch and compose the image, paying attention to details such as lines, mass, and foliage.
"What Should I Paint?" Watercolor Class Preview: How bad scenery can be your answer to, "What should I paint?" How to turn bad reference photos into inspiration for your next painting. How to analyze and plan a painting where you'll fix the reference photo as you go. How to sketch a wharf scene omitting basic shapes and re-compositing objects of interest. How to mix primary and complementary colors to achieve color balance and textures effectively. Using a toothbrush for the "splatter" technique on particular colors such as white paint. Paints On The Palette (Various Brands) Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Orange Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Light Lavender Deep Purple Deep deep Purple (Mineral Violet) Olive Green Chromium of Oxide Viridian  Cobalt Green Leaf Green Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Indigo Neutral Tint Ivory Black Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre Quinacridone Gold White paint (in a tube) Watercolor Paper: Arches 140-pound rough watercolor paper Brushes: Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (20) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (12) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (8)  Neef Rigger Brush (6) Neef Rigger Brush (8) Neef Rigger Brush (10) Colman no.1 Brush Regular Toothbrush Miscellaneous: Mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead...

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William Dunn
William Dunn


5.00 Instructor rating