Tokyo Night Time Cityscape Watercolor Class

This is an advanced watercolor tutorial featuring the award-winning teacher, William Dunn. Bill will walk you through his interpretation of a nighttime cityscape in Japan's Ginza, the nightclub district. Bill shows you how to paint a tricky nightclub scene step by step. Bill is using a photograph as a reference that is full of neon colors and activity with the Tokyo Tower prominently displayed. Everything in this photo is vibrant and glowing. Dunn will show you how to add more color to liven up the painting and will work from big shapes to small shapes, painting detail with the brush.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to analyze and plan a composition of a night time cityscape. How to sketch an exotic night time city scene of Tokyo, Japan. Mixing colors on the palette and on watercolor paper using wet-in-wet technique. Blending bright colors with dark colors to create an abstract feeling. Using different paints to apply signage throughout a painting. Using white paint to add streetlights to a night scene. Paints On The Palette (Various Brands) Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Orange Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Light Lavender Deep Purple Deep deep Purple (Mineral Violet) Olive Green Chromium of Oxide Viridian Cobalt Green Leaf Green Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Indigo Neutral Tint (Transparent Black) Ivory Black Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre Quinacridone Gold White paint (in a tube) Watercolor Paper: Fabriano 140-pound Coldpress Watercolor Paper (12"x 18") Brushes: Escoda Pearla Brushes, size 8 Escoda Pearla Brushes, size 12 Escoda Pearla Brushes, size 20 Neef rigger brushes, size 6 Neef rigger brushes, size 8 Neef rigger brushes, size 10 Neef rigger brushes, size 12 Scepter Gold II brush from Winsor Newton (1 inch wide) Miscellaneous: Graph Gear 1000 mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead for sketching and tracing White Artist's tape Container of clean water Auxiliary tray...

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William Dunn
William Dunn


5.00 Instructor rating