Watercolor Techniques For Painting A California Coastal Scene

In this watercolor tutorial, William Dunn will show you how to create a composition that's both dramatic and beautiful, capturing the charm of the place with trees, the ocean, and the Monterey Peninsula mountains. This scene is from Santa Cruz, California, known as the hub for beginner surfers. William guides you step by step reimaging the composition on a 140-pound cold press Fabriano Paper. He demonstrates how he uses a mechanical pencil, to create a rough outline including the horizon line, cliffs, and houses. With Dunn's expertise, you'll learn how correctly approach angles and proportions for a fresh look. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, William's instructional video will help you learn and improve your painting skills. Sign up now for this online training and learn how to create a stunning painting of Santa Cruz, California, under the guidance of William Dunn.
We’re tackling a landscape in this lesson, this time a simple coastal scene. You can expect to learn how to create a dramatic painting from a reference photo, and how to capture natural landscapes and landforms. You’ll also learn an atmospheric perspective technique which you can use to create the illusion of depth in a painting. PREVIEW How to apply the "atmospheric perspective" watercolor technique to suggest distance. How to paint an active sky right before sunset. How to dramatize a painting based on a reference photo. How to mix primary and complimentary colors. How to paint ocean surf. How to paint cliffs and other natural landscapes. How to paint a village and cars. MATERIALS NEEDED IN THIS LESSON Paints On The Palette (Various Brands) Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Orange Permanent Alizarin Crimson Cadmium Red Light Lavender Deep Purple Deep deep Purple (Mineral Violet) Olive Green Chromium of Oxide Viridian Cobalt Green Leaf Green Cerulean Blue Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Indigo Neutral Tint Ivory Black Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre Quinacridone Gold Watercolor Paper:  Fabriano 140-pound rough watercolor paper Brushes: Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (20) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series Round Brush (12) Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Signature Series...

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William Dunn
William Dunn


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