How To Paint Realistic Snowy Trees & Bushes - Negative Painting Technique

Are you interested in learning how to paint realistic winter trees covered in snow? Join Steve Curl, a watercolorist and teacher, in this tutorial as he walks you through the process of observing and painting a snowy tree. Steve emphasizes the importance of observation and taking time to study your source material, whether it's a photograph or painting on location. In this tutorial, Steve will demonstrate his process of drafting a tree and adding snow to it. He will show you how to use different brushes and paint colors to create texture and depth in your painting. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create stunning, realistic winter landscapes. So grab your watercolors and brushes and let's get started!
Watercolor Class Preview: How to study snowy trees to prepare for a painting How to sketch realistic snowy trees without too much symmetry How to draw and paint negative space How to paint a winter scene of snowy trees and a bush Learn how to paint shadows on snow Learn about composition and how it affects a painting How to use the “lost-and-found” technique Learn how to use contrast to create depth in a painting Paints On The Palette (Holbein Artists' Watercolors) Opera Permanent Alizarin Crimson Permanent Violet Mineral Violet Cobalt Blue Cerulean Blue Peacock Blue Manganese Blue Nova Ultramarine Deep Prussian Blue Hooker’s Green Cadmium Green Deep Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Indigo Payne’s Grey Paper: Arches 140-pound coldpress watercolor paper, 16" x 12" Brushes: Stratford & York Warwick Series: Round sable brush (size 8) Stratford & York Warwick Series: Round sable brush (size 4) Miscellaneous: HB or 2B pencil Kneaded eraser A towel or rag to rest brushes on Tissue or paper towel     Reference Photo      Initial Sketch         Final Painting         What does yours look like? Send it to us via a message on our Facebook page so we can admire...

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Steve Curl
Steve Curl


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