How To Paint A Color Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt From A Black & White Reference Photo

In this tutorial, Steve Curl, a skilled watercolorist, will take you on a journey as he creates a color portrait of Teddy Roosevelt from a black-and-white photo. He emphasizes the importance of having good reference materials, whether it be from a live model or a well-lit photograph, to ensure the success of a portrait. Steve shares his artistic process, from downloading images of Teddy Roosevelt from the Internet to preparing his paper and making the initial pencil sketches. He highlights the crucial role of good draftsmanship in any painting and emphasizes the importance of getting the bones of the painting right in the drawing stage. Join Steve in this engaging and educational video as he brings Teddy Roosevelt to life in watercolor, capturing his recognizable presence and unique features.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to capture a person’s likeness using watercolor paints How to convert a black-and-white picture into a full-color painting How to plan and sketch a person’s profile or portrait How to mix skin color, and determine different values and tones depending on the lighting How to paint crisp edges versus turning edges How to use a scrubber brush to create highlights How to paint a “wrapping” effect for clothing Creating a “lost and found” effect to make a painting more dramatic Learn how to paint folds and wrinkles on clothing How to invent an interesting background out of a boring one Paints On The Palette (Holbein Artists' Watercolors) Cadmium Yellow Deep Aureolin Cadmium Yellow Orange Cadmium Red Deep Opera Permanent Alizarin Crimson Ultramarine Deep Cobalt Blue Cerulean Blue Peacock Blue Sap Green Permanent Green No. 2 Hooker’s Green Yellow Ochre Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Sepia Payne’s Grey Lamp Black Paper: a block of Arches 140-pound coldpress watercolor paper, 16" x 12" Brushes: Silver Brush Black Velvet: Cat’s tongue brush (¾" width) Fibonacci Kolinsky-Sable: Round brush (size 12) Escoda Kolinsky-Sable: Round brush (size 6) Cheap Joe’s Fritch: Scrubber brush (size 4) Synthetic round brush (size 6) Miscellaneous: HB or 2B pencil Kneaded...

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Steve Curl
Steve Curl


5.00 Instructor rating