Animal Portrait Of A Cute Holland Lop Bunny - Paint fur and use the negative painting technique.

Join Isabella Kung in this advanced watercolor tutorial where she will show you how to paint a beautiful bunny using the negative painting technique. You will learn how to sketch the bunny quickly and easily with light pencil strokes, how to use masking fluid to keep highlights white, and how to use various brushes to depict fur realistically. You will also learn about the various pigments that can be found in white fur and how to show them through brush strokes and patterns. This video is perfect for anyone who wants to practice their white-on-white and fur techniques.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to paint an animal portrait from start to finish How to sketch effectively from a reference photo Why drawing simple shapes when you first begin your drawing Why it is best to draw lightly and not too heavy when making your sketch Why it is important to start with the light color values first and working your way to the darker values as you go How to create animal fur texture using a special brush technique How to create a focal point in order to bring attention to your painting How squinting can help you see the basic values in a painting How to paint a negative shape of fur against a background using a special brush technique Paints On The Palette: Cerulean Blue Dioxin Violet Raw Sienna Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Ivory Black Ultramarine Blue Indigo Brown Madder Rose Tyrien Paper:  Arches 140-pound coldpress watercolor paper Brushes: Escoda 1483 #10 Angular Synthetic Brush Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Tajmyr 1212 #6 Round Synthetic Brush Rosemary & Co. pure Squirrel SER41 Cat’s Tongue Brush 1/2″ Rosemary & Co. pure Squirrel SER41 Cat’s Tongue Brush 1″ Squirrel hair mop brush, unknown brand from China 1/2″ 1/2′ Dagger Synthetic Brush from Stanislaus Imports, Inc....

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Isabella Kung
Isabella Kung


5.00 Instructor rating