Sketching & Painting A Still Life Composition From Start To Finish

Learn how to paint fruit from start to finish with Isabella Kung! In this tutorial, you will learn how to sketch and arrange your fruit to create a pleasing composition, as well as how to use watercolors to capture the textures and colors of your subject. Isabella shares tips on how to make your focal point stand out, how to use contrast to your advantage, and how to add variety to your painting. You'll also learn about the materials she uses, including Archie's watercolor paper and a watercolor block, and how to use an H or HB pencil to create light sketches that won't show through your watercolor. Follow along and create a beautiful painting of fruit that you'll be proud to display!
Watercolor Class Preview: Kung gives a live lesson to a live audience, complete with questions and comments from the audience How to paint a shiny surface (apple) versus a fuzzy surface (kiwi) Learn about the qualities to consider when choosing your subject, composition, and color scheme How to draw a sketch from a still life before you begin painting Learn why it is best to not draw your initial sketch too heavily Learn about angles and how to measure them with a still life Why it is important to mix masking fluid well before using it How to protect your paint brush when using masking fluid Learn about soft and hard edge highlights and when to use masking fluid to aid you Why it is always important to paint starting with light colors first and darkest colors last How to use a damp, clean paint brush and paper towel to lift out unwanted color and mistakes Why it is helpful to work one shape at a time How to create muted colors by mixing complimentary colors together Learn about the terms highlight, form shadow, reflective light, and cast shadow and how they are utilized in a painting Learn the importance...

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Isabella Kung
Isabella Kung


5.00 Instructor rating