Close-Up Lily Flowers

Isabella Kung shows you how to paint bog close-up lilies using watercolor. She explains the materials she uses, including Arches Watercolor paper, cold press, 140 pounds, in a block to prevent buckling. She paints from a photo reference but only places down the briefest sketch. Isabella uses a mixture of synthetic and real hair brushes, and a bristled brush for scrubbing and lifting. She starts with a wet-on-wet layer, adding color to the main flowers first and leaving the background for later. She props her watercolor block at an angle to take advantage of gravity and encourage paint movement. She emphasizes the importance of painting light to dark and blending subtle colors gradually in a wet-on-wet scenario. Get ready to create a stunning wall-ready painting of lilies while learning tips and tricks from Isabella Kung.
Watercolor Class Preview: Kung gives a live lesson to a live audience, complete with questions and comments from the audience (and her cat!) How to paint a watercolor painting of lilies in three layers Learn why it is beneficial to tilt your paper while you are working How to utilize a reference image to determine the colors that you will use in your painting Why it is important to premix your colors in your pallet before you begin painting Why it is best to add lighter colors first and then add darker colors later How to apply the first layer using a wet on wet technique How to use a damp, clean brush or paper towel to remove any unwanted color Why it is best not to use masking fluid for highlights in a painting with lots of soft lines How to tell when your paper is too dry to absorb any more paint How to prep your background with a wash of water before adding color, being careful to not touch the edges of the paint already on the paper How to mute colors by adding warmer colors to cool colors to create interest and textures How to turn...

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Isabella Kung
Isabella Kung


5.00 Instructor rating