Designing A Still Life Composition with Common Items

This short lesson covers how to do still-life design and composition. Unlike landscape composition, still-life composition is controllable, since you can move your objects around and set them up however you like. Steve emphasizes the importance of taking a few minutes to plan ahead, as a painting with good design will draw the viewer's eye to the main subject rather than look messy and confusing. Steve shows how to arrange a pinecone, a lemon, and a banana to create an aesthetic arrangement of forms. Feel free to play around with different objects, and try to create depth by rearranging the objects so they overlap rather than lining them up in a row. You can also adjust the lighting to make the shadows clearer. As a general rule of thumb, use 1 light to make the shadows easier to see.
Watercolor Class Preview: Learn the basics of design and composition and how to carefully plan out a painting Learn about the different elements to consider when planning a still life painting, such as lighting, depth, and overlap How to create a quick rough sketch to plan out your painting and why it is important to make the sketch small Learn about positive and negative shapes and how they affect the composition of your painting How to check your composition by turning the picture upside down and sideways, or reflect it in a mirror Learn why it is important to plan out the elements first before you begin painting   Reference Photo     Arches 200177170 Watercolor Block Cold Press, 12X16-Inch, 20 Sheets Escoda Perla Joseph Zbukvic Series: Round brush (no. 12)

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Steve Curl
Steve Curl


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