Paint a Scenic Landscape: Secrets of Design & Composition

Have you been wanting to dive deeper into the secrets of design & composition? This is one of the most challenging elements of creating a great painting. Whether you like to work from nature or from photos, Steve Curl has composition secrets to share with you today. In this tutorial, you will paint a scenic, wall-ready landscape and pick up all of Steve's tips along the way. Maybe keep a notebook handy so you can jot them down. Composition and design are essential to planning an original painting. It involves deciding what to paint and what to omit, bringing the viewer's focus toward what appeals to you. Steve provides tips on how to create a balanced composition, focusing on the positive and negative spaces in a picture. He discusses the importance of breaking down the picture plane into various shapes, and how to make your composition more elegant. He also touches on the golden mean. Steve also emphasizes the importance of avoiding cliche shapes. He will show you how to look for shapes that are unique and have interesting angles or shadows. Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of composition and design in watercolor painting and is a must-watch for anyone who's ever struggled with creating paintings that feel heavy or overly busy.
Watercolor Class Preview: Steve Curl gives a live lesson to a live audience, complete with questions from the audience Learn about composition and design and how to get the best out your rectangular paper space Learn about the golden mean and how its guidelines can help you decide on the composition of your painting Learn about the beginner shape mistakes to avoid Learn about viewfinders and how they can help you when planning and capturing your painting Learn about the benefits of being a plein air painter, which is painting directly from nature How to create a thumbnail sketch to plan out the design and value pattern you want in your painting How to assess the value pattern of an example completed painting Learn the differences between a horizontal and vertical composition     Reference Photos       Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Set Artist Grade, 24 Vivid Colors with Portable Metal Box for Artists, Beginners, Hobbyists, Students Hahnemuhle Collection 100% Cotton Watercolor Pad, 300 GSM, 9x12", 12 Sheets

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Steve Curl
Steve Curl


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