Introduction To The Color Wheel & Color Theory

In this tutorial, Isabella Kung breaks down the essentials of color theory in an easy-to-understand manner. With simple paintings and examples, she explains the differences between primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. She also talks about warm and cool colors, and their significance in painting, such as the difference in transparency and the effect on the final result. Isabella also touches on the topic of color schemes and how to use color to create a desired mood or atmosphere in your artwork.
Watercolor Class Preview: Kung gives a live lesson to a live audience, complete with questions from the audience Learn about color and how if affects the focal point, contrast, harmony, emotion, mood, time, and location in a painting Learn about primary colors and how they are used as the building blocks of all colors Learn how to study and utilize color wheels Learn about the qualities and differences between warm and cool colors and pigments, and how to mix them while you are painting Learn what makes good or bad composition and design in a painting Learn about the monochromatic, complementary, triatic, tertratic, square, rectangular, and analogous color schemes and the effects you can achieve with them in your painting Learn about tinting and shading color mixing techniques Learn painting exercises you can do to practice using the different color schemes Learn how to mix muted colors and the effects you can create How to organize your color palette to your preference and learn about a recommended pallet that you can buy for yourself How to mix black with other colors effectively and why you should use it sparingly Why planning your color scheme ahead of time is the best...

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Isabella Kung
Isabella Kung


5.00 Instructor rating