13 Painting Techniques & Tips

If you are interested in taking your watercolors to the next level, Isabella Kung has your back! Isabella Kung is a talented watercolor artist who is here to share her extensive knowledge and skills with you. In this tutorial, you will learn 13 effective watercolor techniques and cool tricks to add texture and interest to your paintings. Among others, Isabella demonstrates how to use masking fluid and explains how to use this important watercolor tool. She will demonstrate how to paint a wash and how to prepare the right mixture of paint for a smooth gradient. This video is a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve their watercolor painting skills and take their artwork to the next level.
Watercolor Class Preview: Learn some basic techniques and tricks you can use in your watercolor painting Learn about liquid frisket, how to prep your paintbrush to use frisket, and how apply frisket to your watercolor paper to preserve areas of white before you begin painting How to mix and apply a gradient wash to your watercolor paper Learn a wet on dry wash technique and a wet on wet wash technique and the different effects you can achieve Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using synthetic and natural hair brushes How to soften a hard edge of a section of color using a clean, wet paintbrush How to properly hold your paintbrush in order to have proper control to paint details such as thin lines with the point of the brush Learn a dry brushing technique for creating texture, lines, and different values How to clean up a too wet, bleeding edge with a clean, dry paintbrush How to paint over top of dry liquid frisket using the wet on wet technique and then how to remove the frisket once the paint is dry How to apply rubbing alcohol to create a unique texture with a color on the paper...

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Isabella Kung
Isabella Kung


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