How To Paint 8 Common Trees

This beginner tutorial by Diane Bradley will help you practice painting real-looking trees in watercolor. Diane starts by discussing the importance of observing the tree and its different parts. She then goes on to explain their color palette and how different colors can be used to create various realistic effects. She demonstrates how to add highlights, shadows, and mid-tones, using different brush techniques and color combinations. Diane also stresses the importance of observing the limbs and trunks of trees, and how to incorporate those details into your painting. The video is ideal for anyone looking to improve their tree painting skills or just for a nice tree refresher.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to paint a gum tree Why it's important to closely examine the tree you're painting How to paint a pine tree How to paint a Christmas tree How to paint a fir tree How to mix different variations of green for highlights and shadows How to paint a palm tree How to hold your paintbrush in different ways to paint trees How to paint a eucalyptus tree How to be relaxed and loose with your paintbrush at first, then fill in details later How to paint a poplar tree How to paint an oak tree What brushes to use when painting trees How to paint cypress trees How to paint tree branches How to paint tree trunks How to lift color off the paper to create highlights Why standing up while painting helps sharpen perspective Paints On The Palette: Cadmium Red Alizarin Crimson New Gamboge Aureolin Cobalt Yellow Hooker’s Green Manganese Blue Ultramarine Blue Yellow Oxide Burnt Sienna  

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Diane Bradley
Diane Bradley


4.33 Instructor rating